“To change or not to change?” That is not the question.
    Instead, ask “What kind of change do I need to live a vibrant, authentic life?”


My experience with John has been a very positive life changing experience.Highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in understanding themselves and desire to live life to the fullest.

~ Tom

~By Jerry H., Niantic, RI

Being Human is not always easy – pressures from all angles hitting us at all emotional states in our lives.
We turn on auto pilot, react according to situation, and without being truly ‘aware.’ Seeing myself needing a wake-up call I would answer, I found John Gonzalez’s website the MOST promising prospect for help. My brief time with John was invigorating and inspiring. This human being allowed me to connect missing links of my emotional and practical mind,taught me compassion, showed me tools that I could use to further myself, and revealed to me how I was THE ONLY ONE TRULY IN CONTROL of my life. To SAY that is one thing, to feel it, know it… is where you will begin to live it. Open your eyes and ears, take what is being offered here – so personalized, so comfortable.It was a very wise choice for me to experience this.

~By Jerry H., Niantic, RI

David S., Westerly, RI

Dr. Gonzalez is a wonderful guide and person. He has helped me come through an emotional crisis. He is insightful, sensitive, non-judgmental, and wise. I highly recommend him.

~ David S., Westerly, RI


Reliable, committed, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, a blessing in my life.

~ Anonymous


Dr. Gonzalez was always very dedicated to me. I can’t thank him enough.

~ Anonymous


My husband of 30 years and I began seeing Dr. Gonzalez to resolve some of our marital differences.
John (he asks us to call him that) is kind, treats us both with respect, honors our relationship and frames questions and issues in a very helpful way. Dr. Gonzalez is actually the first person that my husband has agreed to see more than once in 30 years of marriage – and that’s saying a LOT! Highly recommend!

~ Anonymous

Kathy L, Waterford, CT

Dr. Gonzalez is truly genuine and non-judgmental in his approach. He has helped me greatly to achieve both my personal and professional goals that otherwise would have been a struggle. I have him to thank for much success, and I continue to seek his advice for continuous growth.

~ Kathy L, Waterford, CT

Jennifer S., Mystic, CT

My view of life has expanded and deepened since I have been seen Dr. Gonzalez.He is a blessing, compassionate, insightful…. the best.

~ Jennifer S., Mystic, CT



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